Howick Historical Village

This week we went on a trip to Howick Historical Village when we go ther we where inturdued and then we went first thing we did was we built a trolly.

next we had some butter it was so yummy’first you put cream in a jar and the you out a mixer put you have a handle and the you spin it until it gets chunky and thats how you make butter i tried with cracker it was cool every sing persong gets to spin it.

lasty we went through every  house one was scary another one was a drinking bar and the last was cool it had two stories house a kichen’a rocking chair and other cool is some photos

Bubble tea

this week it was national bubble tea day we had to google draw our own bubble tea and the ingredents and hjow much it cost my one cost 18’50 because im tryna make some money my flavour was bluberry and we had to name ours anything my one was called dizzy drizzy. here is my bubble tea.


this week we had to explain about gravity table 4 is my table and we had to research about Why do objects fall towards the ground when dropped we wrote.

Gravity force keeps you on the ground so you don’t float. The bigger the mass is the more gravity there is and vice versa.For example Isaac Newton  saw an apple drop and thought why it didn’t float up and called it “Gravity. this is our work

Jason Taumalolo

i did Jason Taumalolo because he is my favourite rugby player i like him becuase hes buff and tongan. I like when they do the haka and one day i wanna be captain an be first five. and one of my other favourte is catoni Stages.Jason Taumalolo used to play for tonga but now he plays for cowboys. here is some pitures of both of them and the tonga team.



Cybersmart task

Google Docs 101 Cybersmart Challenge/27 March 2024 

Today’s Cybersmart Challenge is all about features inside of Google Docs. You do not need to use any other tools. This task can be completed within this Doc. 


  • Change these bullet points to a checklist so you can tick off the tasks as you complete them.

  • Add the date that you are completing this task to the title. You can use a smart chip by typing the @ key and then the word today without any spaces.

  • Change the font of the heading on this document

  • Use the Dictionary tool to find the definition of the word challenge.
    Add three synonyms here 

    •  Theresome
    •  triad
    •  production

  • In the space below, write out the maths problem: three divided by three with the answer using only numbers and maths symbols. If you can’t find the symbols you need, try inserting a special character.
  • +
  • Insert a header onto this doc with your first name Vaingalo
    • ÷
  • Insert an image of your favourite animal here. Learn MoreBefore you insert the image, click on the magnifying glass to preview your image and click on the name of the file of the image. Then copy the URL for where the image is from. Paste this below your image. 
  • Why do you like this animal? Use the voice typing tool to record your answer below. 
    • I like it because its fast

  • Use the word count tool to find out how many words this document uses. Type your answer here:  
  • 13÷

Share your mahi on your blog. This video here explains how to do this. 


Today For our work we had to do and oster of someone wanted or lost i did Ronozoro Hes trying to become the greast swordsmen in the word hes from one peice arfter i blog this im doing Monkey D Dragon from one peice tgis is my poster that i did.

Place Value

This week we did our Place Value its was hard for showing from blocks but the Algrytythem is the eaisest part my partner was darius my best friend he was helping me on the showing off. here  is my work.