Victoria Cross

This week we leard about Victoria Cross about the there  bravest in the army but i did upham the bravest in the army he won two Victoria Cross not for little thing he won that because he run by himself and he killd his Enemy but the next fight he passed away rip.this is my work


Today in cybersmart we learnd about footprint and what have we been doing at school and home and you chaek your history so you know what your gonna do for your google draw. This is my work.

How to make fries

I had to write on my paper to remember it. need a fryer and fries

Steps.First grab your chips out of the freezer and then get your fryer and plug it in next you will pour the chips in the fryer and turn it on and wait for 10 minutes when its done pour it in a big bowl and for the last pour some hot sauce in the chips.